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Extra Week In Phase Two Of P90X2

Doing something I haven’t done before in any of my journeys through a beachbody workout. Usually I’m of the mindset, don’t worry, move on. This time though, I’m adding an extra week in phase two of P90X2.

Two weeks ago I had a half of a week. My body was telling me “Joe, take it easy on me.” Not sure why, but I listened. Oddly though, each time I did do a workout where I was drained or not fully into it, I started hitting personal bests.

Regardless, I decided I’d add an additional week this time around. Today was a little rough with chest back and balance. I didn’t overly push it but I did hit a personal best in one thing. The Impossible/Possible move. I finally got a single rep on it. Previously in the past 3 weeks I had gotten up on the balls but constantly fell. Only to get down in the movement and unable to get back up. Today I did fall again, but then I went down in the move and mustered getting back up once. It wasn’t overly pretty, but I did it finally!

I also got another personal best in plyo stability ball push ups. Those aren’t quite as hard as the Impossible/Possibles. Nonetheless I got a PB there too.

I think the real trick in phase two is the amount of core being work. P90X2 overall works the core more, but the 2nd phase to me is really pushing it. Maybe that’s where the belly fat is coming off at. I don’t have a lot of it. Never did. But now it’s almost gone. There’s a tiny bit left. One extra workout week won’t kill me and may be that push I need to get rid of the soft.

The abs routine, ab ripper X2 is also more prominent in phase two. Going 3 of the days of the week. Which may also explain the decrease of belly size. That is the last goal and it’s sooooooooo close to being gone. Who knows… If I move to phase three and finish without it being totally gone, I may insert another week of phase two before I say I’ve completed journey two.

My P90X2 official T-shirt is in my mailbox. That’s a cool sense of accomplishment. Maybe I’ll snap a pic of me wearing it when I complete this 2nd journey. That could be cool. Anyway, I’m off to eat a hearty breakfast plus a shakeology and get on with my day. I’m mentally prepping myself to continue enjoying this extra week in phase two of P90X2.

Have You Got Balance And Power

Today marks the end of the 3rd week in my journey. At least the third week of the phase. Tomorrow is a stretching and mobility day. Then next week is the cool down week before phase two. I’ve done it and now I’m asking have you got balance and power?

I can really feel a difference in the workout. The sphinx moves are not necessarily easier, but I can do more of them. To me that’s a huge improvement. It tells me I’m getting a further increase in strength.

There was only one move where I lost a little ground, but I have to believe it has to do with how much harder I was pushing myself in all the other areas. And even then it was only on one half of it. The plyo burpee move 2nd to last from the end (and that’s even in the “bonus” section).

I’m really looking forward to the next phase to see what’s in store for the strengthening of the body. For if I’m feeling this much better now, I can only imagine what the weight and sweat of the next round will provide.

If you haven’t started the P90X2 journey yet? Why not? Once you start, you can ask someone else “Have you got balance and power?”

X2 Core Week 3

Beginning the third leg of the first phase. That’s right X2 Core week 3 starts now. Well, actually it started a little over an hour ago. I’m now getting around to posting about it.

First impression is that I’m already getting into the flow. I’m pretty much able to keep up on all the moves. I believe there was only one that I lagged in. I have the feeling that by next week I’ll be on target – then again, if I remember correctly next week is a transition week.

My balance is already noticeably better. I’m feel like I’m standing taller. And I’m not having as hard of a time with the workout now.

One thing I can appreciate is the foam rolling. Wonder why I hadn’t heard of it before. The concept is a little strange at first but now I’m diggin it. This morning marked the first time that my right shoulder really didn’t give me a mobility issue. Thus I really have to think that the foam rolling and the increasing strength are “fixing” my long standing shoulder injury. Big plus.

Now it’s time for kick ass organic breakfast and a full day of music makin.

The P90X2 Journey Begins

This morning marks my 3rd time going through a BeachBody workout regimen. This time around it’s the new program. I took some pictures and measurements before the start of the workout this morning. Thus the P90X2 journey begins for me today.

I got started feeling brilliant. By halfway through I was really beginning to feel it. The hard part about the X2 Core workout is the “form”. The idea in X2 is to make sure the form is good. Considering the balance of the exercises, I can really understand why.

At the end of the workout, I was sweating and thinking to myself, really?!? The moves don’t seem that hard, but they’re deceiving. They are hard, especially with the number of reps. While I could keep up through most of the moves, towards the end I found that I was starting to bonk. I’m sure once I get into this full swing – it’ll be rockin.

Have you got a resolution to get in shape? Join me in the P90X2 journey, begin to make the change.

Need a coach? I’m here to help.