The Food

How is it that a musician became a foodie? I ought to know since it’s me, however, I really began making my own meals out of necessity. It really began with making breakfast. I fancy myself a breakfast king. Which means I don’t buy milk and cereal. No, instead I would whip up all kinds of things that had eggs. Be it breakfast burritos, omelets, etc…

When it came to lunches and dinners I used to rely on a lot of packaged products. However, once I started looking into the ingredients that are in pre-packaged foods I began to wonder why I’d eat it. Then I got a cookbook as a gift. It contained gourmet meals that could be made in 30 minutes or less. That’s intriguing. Mostly because I have a bunch of friends who will get in their cars and drive to a fast food restaurant. The time it takes to get in the car, go to a fast food joint, drive back and then eat it takes roughly 30 minutes. Ouch.

I started making these gourmet meals for myself and posting pictures online. All of a sudden I was getting messages from friends asking to come over to eat. Which prompted me to start delving even further into making meals. Branching out. More adventurous meals. More adventurous cooking. It really becomes a process and an art. One that I really enjoy. That enthusiasm started infecting other friends. Which is a great thing, especially when it comes to improving health.

Having a sensible diet is every bit as important as getting into a great workout regimen. If there is an area where we all fall into a bit of weakness, it’s diet. The more you’re working out, the better your diet needs to be. I recommend a quality diet. I know going from eating fast food and other processed foods to clean healthy food is difficult. Believe me, if you can get into the habit, you will wonder how it is you ever ate poorly in the past.

One of the hardest things to also strive for is the quality of the food you buy to cook. Ideally this includes getting the freshest ingredients you can afford. Organic is the best bet for any ingredient. I know my body simply works more optimally when it’s not being fed preservatives, additives, and chemicals. I’m betting yours will too.

Many people may be scared to cook. However, I highly recommend learning to cook. Treat it as something fun and good for you. It will help you to enjoy the food you make and allow you to know exactly what’s going into your body when you make it. It will also help you to control portion size – which is also important.

This section is some of my favorite meals that can be made without a whole lot of fuss. Plus they’re healthy. Oh, and they taste great.

Some of my favorites are listed for free. I have a much more comprehensive meal menu that requires a subscription. If you’re enjoying the freebies, I guarantee you’ll love what’s inside the subscription.

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