Salmon Cucumber Sandwich

Salmon. It’s a super flexible fish for meals. I could go all Forrest Gump about the ways you could make a meal of it, but I’ll refrain. Instead, I will say that I really enjoy making this dish. It’s a healthy and tasty sandwich for lunch. Not to mention the health benefits of Salmon and the veggie factor of the cucumber.


    1. 1/4 – cup of cream cheese
    2. 3 – tablespoons plain yogurt
    3. 1 – tablespoon fresh lemon juice
    4. 16oz – fresh deboned salmon
    5. 1/4 – cup of finely red onion
    6. 1/2 – teaspoon of fresh dill
    7. 1 – cup thinly sliced cucumber
    8. 4 small baguettes


In a mixing bowl or via a food processor, beat the cream cheese, yogurt and lemon juice for one minute or until it’s smooth. In a medium mixing bowl flake the salmon with a fork and then add the cream cheese mixture, the onion and the dill. Then mix well.

Slice and toast the 4 baguettes. Then arrange cucumber slices on half of the baguette slices. Spread about 1/2 cup of the salmon mixture on the cucumber slices, then top the salmon mixture with more cucumber slices and the remaining bread.

Makes 4 sandwiches.

Cue the screaming guitars and slam! You’ve got an awesome salmon sandwich!

Prep Time: 10 minutes.

* Organic ingredients are ideal. The two biggies here being the Cucumber and Salmon. I suggest looking for cucumbers, dill, lemons, and red onions grown locally to you and free of GMO or pesticides. Heck, grow the dill yourself. The most ideal version of salmon is wild caught. It’s easy to find hormone free cream cheese. You can also substitute low fat cream cheese as well. Learn to bake your own bread and make it a complete meal yourself.