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No Vacation From X2 Core

It’s a national holiday in America. Memorial Day. To take a moment to thank the men and women who give their lives to our country in the name of freedom. Many of us will spend time with family and or friends while we eat BBQ. I myself am having no vacation from X2 Core. No sir. I did my workout today.

The beginning of week three on my 2nd journey through P90X2 from the beachbody people has been performed and done. I’m definitely feeling much stronger than this time from the previous journey. I’m adding more reps and holding things as they should be.

Some of the moves involving the med ball or the stability ball are still a little tricky. But they are getting better and easier. That alone makes me see the progress of going through this. I love that.

For a moment I thought having done Balance and Power yesterday would have hampered today. I thought wrong. I didn’t have an issue. Though in two days time I will be looking forward to the recovery and mobility downtime.

Time for me to down a Shakeology, make a hearty breakfast, then likely I’ll sit in the sun for a moment. After which I will continue on my quest of watching all of AFI’s top 100 movies of all time – many of which will be the 2nd time I’ve seen them. There’s a break from music, but no vacation from X2 Core.

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X2 Core Continues

Week two inside of journey two of P90X2. All sorts of twos there. Inside today is how X2 Core continues the saga of working out beachbody style.

Normally I do my workouts in the morning. Not this time around. I had a very late night working on a piece of music, looking to get a gig for a commercial. Thus I woke up late despite having a recording session this morning. Fortunately a meeting that was scheduled for this afternoon got pushed to tomorrow so I was able to get my workout in this afternoon.

For the most part I got more reps than last week. There were a couple where I did not. Mostly because last week there was a power outage before the last several moves. One of them involves a med ball with a burpee style move and a push up. Not very effective for me. I fought through that and got about half the number of reps with not so great form.

The rest of the workout went well. I pushed myself harder. I did have to pause a couple of times to catch my breath, but I’m feeling good. Time for a Shakeology and start to think about what to make for dinner.

There is a new fitness challenge coming at the beginning of June. Will you be joining me? It’s a great way to get in shape and feel better. Then at some point you’ll be saying how X2 Core continues for you!

Getting Back Into The P90X2 Saddle

It really isn’t that long of a stretch of time when I finished P90X2 about two and a half weeks ago. In a way it feels like an eternity. In another way, it doesn’t. Initially I felt unmotivated on a lot of things knowing I was fully completed. However, that little break has ended. Today marks the return. I’m getting back into the P90X2 saddle today.

Not sure what it is about starting something new, but there’s always a kink or two to work out. This morning was no exception. I got started with the warmup and was getting familiar with the first phase moves in X2 Core again. I got about 90% of the way into the workout when all of a sudden, the power went off.

Apparently in another area of town there was a car accident that killed power to where I’m at. Thus I ended up not completing a couple of the moves. Bummer. Despite that, it was still a good start. I did better in most of the moves. Except for Plank Stability Ball Pushup, or at least I think that’s the name. See last time through I didn’t have a big stability ball, so I did the modifications which were easy. This time around I have a big stability ball to use and found that I could only manage three reps of the move. Yikes! Hard!

I finished early by no fault of mine. Did so with a grand sweat going. I feel good. I’m ready to tackle tomorrow and move on. Where are you at with your workouts? Are you ready to be getting back into the P90X2 saddle? Are you interested in changing your life? Next Fitness Challenge group starts in two weeks and I have a couple of spots left – join us!

X2 Core Week 3

Beginning the third leg of the first phase. That’s right X2 Core week 3 starts now. Well, actually it started a little over an hour ago. I’m now getting around to posting about it.

First impression is that I’m already getting into the flow. I’m pretty much able to keep up on all the moves. I believe there was only one that I lagged in. I have the feeling that by next week I’ll be on target – then again, if I remember correctly next week is a transition week.

My balance is already noticeably better. I’m feel like I’m standing taller. And I’m not having as hard of a time with the workout now.

One thing I can appreciate is the foam rolling. Wonder why I hadn’t heard of it before. The concept is a little strange at first but now I’m diggin it. This morning marked the first time that my right shoulder really didn’t give me a mobility issue. Thus I really have to think that the foam rolling and the increasing strength are “fixing” my long standing shoulder injury. Big plus.

Now it’s time for kick ass organic breakfast and a full day of music makin.

Week Two X2 Core

Ah, week two gets off to a rocking start. On several of the moves today I was increasing my reps. Some that stayed the same. Overall I’m already getting into the swing of it. Noticing that my balance is already getting better and my form is already improving. That’s my initial thoughts of week two X2 Core.

I’m going to follow up my workout with a healthy Quinoa hot cereal for breakfast. Add some berries on the inside and I’m a happy camper.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout and getting my X2 on.

Where are you at with your P90X2 Journey? Just getting started? Already a few weeks ahead? What was your week two X2 core like?