X2 Core Week 3

Beginning the third leg of the first phase. That’s right X2 Core week 3 starts now. Well, actually it started a little over an hour ago. I’m now getting around to posting about it.

First impression is that I’m already getting into the flow. I’m pretty much able to keep up on all the moves. I believe there was only one that I lagged in. I have the feeling that by next week I’ll be on target – then again, if I remember correctly next week is a transition week.

My balance is already noticeably better. I’m feel like I’m standing taller. And I’m not having as hard of a time with the workout now.

One thing I can appreciate is the foam rolling. Wonder why I hadn’t heard of it before. The concept is a little strange at first but now I’m diggin it. This morning marked the first time that my right shoulder really didn’t give me a mobility issue. Thus I really have to think that the foam rolling and the increasing strength are “fixing” my long standing shoulder injury. Big plus.

Now it’s time for kick ass organic breakfast and a full day of music makin.

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