The Challenge week 2

Today’s workout was my 2nd time thru The Challenge for this 90 days.

My first week had me taking things semi-easy. This week I came out of the gate picking numbers that were a tad too large. I figured I could do 10 pull-ups throughout the whole workout. ┬áSomething that I’ve never been able to do. I suck hard at pull-ups. I think its having rather long arms.

I got a little overzealous with the order of 10. I think I’ll set my number at 7 next week.

A Tough Cardio Day

I’m not a super fan of cardio only workouts and today was a tough cardio day.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m still recovering from a slight case of bronchitis. This makes the idea of running and jumping around a bit more of a chore. Especially with a workout that requires a lot more oxygen right?

My energy level was fairly decent. Which is a plus when I consider the fact I didn’t get near the sleep I wanted to last night (5 hours is about 2 hours short of my normal amount).

As they say – keep pushing and you will make it through!