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Balance And Power To End Phase One

What a week. Well, what a week and a day or so extra. Ended up having to wait until today to do Balance and Power due to attending the dirty dash and some X2 Golf. This third week was pretty amazing all things considered. Alas though, with Balance and Power to end phase one of my 2nd journey through P90X2, I’m looking forward to the next section.

What makes this past week amazing is the personal bests I experienced. Especially with two days where I went into the workouts tired. Today I wasn’t exhausted going in, like I was with Total Body and Yoga. No, I was a little off, but not terribly. I’m beginning to think it may very well be getting too hot at night while I’m sleeping. Yet again, like the last two workouts, I hit some PBs, or Personal Bests.

Sphinx Plyo Rollup is one move I did more of. Decline Sphinx Plank is another move where I doubled my last week’s output! That’s impressive. Several of the moves saw increased weight as well. All of this is higher output than my first journey through P90X2. So close to my “beachbody” I can smell it – ew.

As this phase closes down, I ought to take a pic or two to see if there’s any inner phase changes. I’m sure there are. The last super piece to my fitness puzzle right now is the little remaining belly that is left. I’m gonna work it as much as I can to get it gone in last 60 days. That goal is the remaining goal at the moment.

With Balance And Power to end phase one, I’m now going to make a hearty breakfast with a shakeology and set out for a quick hike up a mountain with my dog. Then it’s time to mix one of 3 remaining theme songs, pick out about 20 tracks for a sports network, then it’ll be time to play some music and have some fun. In the meantime, join me in a fitness challenge. Get in shape and love your life!

My Power Is Balanced

Had an impromptu day off yesterday. Friend I hadn’t seen in quite some time came into town. Didn’t have time to get to the workout yesterday. Thus I’ll be putting two body workouts back to back in two days. Despite that I’ll say that my power is balanced today.

I’m still seeing improvements in my reps and weight. I increased both in several moves. In fact there were only a few moves were I tied myself. The hardest move so far in Balance and Power is the Decline Sphinx Plank Press. I did only 1 last week. I wrote down only 1 this week due to the 2nd one being so horrible in form. Damn hard stuff right there.

The rest of the workout went smooth. Kicked ass so to speak. I felt strong and pushed it hard. I believe that based on that I will see some amazing results this time. Beyond my goal of a flat belly.

Normally tomorrow would be a day off in the program, but since I did that yesterday, I’ll be moving into week three with X2 Core. Hopefully I’ll still be feeling strong. At least today my power is balanced.

Getting into shape rocks. I’m starting another fitness challenge in a couple of weeks. Will you join?

Balance & Power Closing Week One

Pow! What a week. Today marks the start of my second journey through the P90X2 workout. I have Balance & Power closing week one. Improvements abound.

Comparing to the final parts of phase one of my first time through to now with my return I’m already blowing myself out of the water. In all the moves that are utilizing weight. Upped by 5 lbs per move is a pretty good increase.

There are moves where I’m going to have to play catch up though. Those are the moves the involve the stability ball. Why? Well, I was modifying in my first journey. The moves the first time around were easy when modified. Now with the stability ball, oh my. Hard. Reps went down and my core was engaged even more. Makes me think that had I had the stability ball the first time around, my belly might be flat already.

Even in the bonus round I increased weight. That’s a huge plus to get there. But then I’m already in pretty good shape from doing beachbody workouts in the year that’s gone by. I’m happy that Balance & Power closing week one has come. I can now take a day to rest and stretch and get ready for next week.

New fitness challenge coming June 4th – are you in?

Have You Got Balance And Power

Today marks the end of the 3rd week in my journey. At least the third week of the phase. Tomorrow is a stretching and mobility day. Then next week is the cool down week before phase two. I’ve done it and now I’m asking have you got balance and power?

I can really feel a difference in the workout. The sphinx moves are not necessarily easier, but I can do more of them. To me that’s a huge improvement. It tells me I’m getting a further increase in strength.

There was only one move where I lost a little ground, but I have to believe it has to do with how much harder I was pushing myself in all the other areas. And even then it was only on one half of it. The plyo burpee move 2nd to last from the end (and that’s even in the “bonus” section).

I’m really looking forward to the next phase to see what’s in store for the strengthening of the body. For if I’m feeling this much better now, I can only imagine what the weight and sweat of the next round will provide.

If you haven’t started the P90X2 journey yet? Why not? Once you start, you can ask someone else “Have you got balance and power?”

Week Two Going Down But Feeling Up

Week two is wrapping up today. The journey in phase one continues for one more week. Then it’s a week of change followed by phase two. Balance + Power is a whole lot of moves that get you in to some great muscle movements. I’m showing small signs of improvement in only 7 days from the previous 7. Week two going down but feeling up is the name of the game.

I will say that I’m still feeling some muscles from a couple of days ago with Total Body. Especially in the back under my shoulders. It’s most likely from the lever pullup thingy. I really worked it.

As for B+P. Today I was adding some light weight to a few of the moves that I did the first time around with no weights. Also noticed that next week, I’ll need to add some weight to other moves where I’m already using weight. The hardest move so far is the balance move inside a burpee. I’m still modifying that. Must be a height thing. But I’m working on it.

Stay tune for recovery day.

X2 Balance + Power

Mmmmm. Another piece of the journey has been put away in the books. That piece is the X2 Balance + Power workout. So far none of the workouts in X2 work with as much weight as they did in P90X right off the bat. Again I’m going to put it out there that the workouts are deceptive. Meaning I’m feeling like I’m being smart to pace myself.

Today was no different. There’s a bunch of moves that involve something called Sphinx. It’s a style of pushup that I’ve seen before in P90X, but not to the extent they do them here. The insanity is doing them with proper form. I noticed on the 2nd one that I wasn’t doing it quite right, as I did the 3rd one correctly with a lot of effort I realized I wouldn’t get a 4th in. In the video, Tony mentions he couldn’t do more than 4 when they made it up. So I don’t feel quite so bad.

Balance is definitely the name of the game in X2 Balance + Power. To that end, it’s certainly a hell of a workout. Looking forward to recovery tomorrow.