Week Two Going Down But Feeling Up

Week two is wrapping up today. The journey in phase one continues for one more week. Then it’s a week of change followed by phase two. Balance + Power is a whole lot of moves that get you in to some great muscle movements. I’m showing small signs of improvement in only 7 days from the previous 7. Week two going down but feeling up is the name of the game.

I will say that I’m still feeling some muscles from a couple of days ago with Total Body. Especially in the back under my shoulders. It’s most likely from the lever pullup thingy. I really worked it.

As for B+P. Today I was adding some light weight to a few of the moves that I did the first time around with no weights. Also noticed that next week, I’ll need to add some weight to other moves where I’m already using weight. The hardest move so far is the balance move inside a burpee. I’m still modifying that. Must be a height thing. But I’m working on it.

Stay tune for recovery day.

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