X2 Balance + Power

Mmmmm. Another piece of the journey has been put away in the books. That piece is the X2 Balance + Power workout. So far none of the workouts in X2 work with as much weight as they did in P90X right off the bat. Again I’m going to put it out there that the workouts are deceptive. Meaning I’m feeling like I’m being smart to pace myself.

Today was no different. There’s a bunch of moves that involve something called Sphinx. It’s a style of pushup that I’ve seen before in P90X, but not to the extent they do them here. The insanity is doing them with proper form. I noticed on the 2nd one that I wasn’t doing it quite right, as I did the 3rd one correctly with a lot of effort I realized I wouldn’t get a 4th in. In the video, Tony mentions he couldn’t do more than 4 when they made it up. So I don’t feel quite so bad.

Balance is definitely the name of the game in X2 Balance + Power. To that end, it’s certainly a hell of a workout. Looking forward to recovery tomorrow.

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