Gourmet Breakfast Burrito

My mom loves to tell people that my sister and I must have been transplanted from Mexico. She makes claims that my sister and I grew up on frozen burritos. While I remember eating an occasional frozen bean burrito in my formative years, I definitely don’t remember it being as extensive as she likes to boast about.

I am a fan of mexican food, there is no doubt. Thus why I’m posting one of my most prized breakfasts – the Gourmet Breakfast Burrito. Lots of protein and energy abounds in this tasty breakfast that can easily be taken on the go for those who need to eat and run.


    1. 2 – Large Eggs
    2. 1 – Small Red Potato
    3. 2 – Strips of Bacon
    4. 1 – Large Tortilla (12″ flour is my preference)
    5. 1/4 – tsp Salt
    6. 1/8 – tsp Cayenne Pepper
    7. 1/8 – tsp Sage
    8. 1 – tbsp Heavy Cream (optional)
    9. 2 – tbsp Sharp Cheddar Cheese grated
    10. 1 – tbsp Salsa
    11. 2 – tbsp Canola or Olive Oil


Place two frying pans on the stove to a low-medium heat. Start the bacon in one pan. In the other pan put 1 tbsp of Canola Oil and let it warm up. Wash/Rinse the red potato. In a food processor, use the grater/shredder attachment to shred the red potato, skin and all. Once the 2nd pan has warmed up, put the shredded potato and spread evenly. Sprinkle 1/8 tsp of salt on the potatoes and let brown on both sides.

Once the bacon has browned, cook to desired crispness. I prefer it to be borderline crisp. Remove from pan, set aside. Remove bacon grease from pan.

Put remaining oil into pan. Let oil heat up and then crack the two eggs into the pan. Sprinkle the remaining salt, cayenne pepper, and sage on the eggs. Add the Heavy Cream. Scramble the eggs with a spatula and mix it up well.

Heat tortilla in an oven set to broil for roughly a minute on each side.

Put tortilla on a warm plate. Put the shredded cheese on the tortilla. Tip the finished eggs on the cheese. Arrange the bacon strips, then add the salsa and top with the hash browned potatoes. Fold the tortilla from the bottom up about 1/4, then roll the left and right sides over the fold.

Use a piece of foil wrap around the bottom of the burrito to allow for taking the burrito on the go.

Cue the screaming guitars and slam! You’ve got a fantastic early morning burrito!

Prep time: 5 minutes. Total cook time: 15 minutes.

* Organic ingredients are desirable. Eggs from chickens raised without growth hormones and with natural feed is ideal. Bacon that has no additives, raised without growth hormones and that is uncured is the most ideal. Turkey or beef bacon can be a substitute – look for non-hormone and uncured. You can find fresh tortillas made without additives, or better yet, make you’re own (recipe available with subscription). Salt – I recommend Real Salt brand or any non-iodized, non-bleached salt. Cayenne Pepper can be found organically. Fresh sage grown by you is the most ideal – but an organic version in the spice section is a close 2nd. Heavy Whipping Cream that is organic and without growth hormones via grass fed cows is best, otherwise don’t use it. Cheese from organic sources is ideal, no hormones, no food coloring (cheddar is actually white, not orange). Salsa made by you is ideal, but any organic salsa you enjoy will work as well.

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