Gear To Get

Inside these pages here you’ll find my recommendations for the needed gear to accomplish the goals of you read here. One thing to note, I don’t run out and get the cheapest item there is. I love to research the things I buy. I tend to buy things that have a upper level of quality. Why? Because I tend to take care of the equipment I buy. I will use it hard and heavy and it needs to stand up to that use. Thus the gear I recommend is gear that I use. It serves me well and should very well serve you well too.

When it comes to cookware, I have spent time gathering my tools. Adding a high quality piece of gear will do you much more in terms of reward than buying a cheap piece or set that will fall apart quickly. I also do not go with non-stick style pans. Why? Because non-stick coatings are not healthy for the body, and it flakes off and get in your food. Not ideal for someone looking to improve their health.

P90X Equipment:

  1. Chin-Up Bar
  2. PowerStands Pro
  3. Resistance Bands Set
  4. Balance Balls
  5. Heart Rate Monitor
  6. Yoga Mat
  7. Yoga Blocks

Cooking Equipment:


  1. Dutch Oven
  2. Roasting Pan
  3. Saucepan & Saute Pan
  4. Fry Pans & Skillets
  5. Stock Pot & Steamer

Small Appliances

  1. Blender & Mixer
  2. Food Processor
  3. Rice Cooker
  4. Slow Cooker
  5. Juicer
  6. Waffle Iron


  1. Asian & Santoku Knives
  2. Chef’s Knives
  3. Bread & Serrated Knives
  4. Paring Knives
  5. Specialty Knives
  6. Sharpeners
  7. Cutting Boards

Utensils & Gadgets

  1. Can Opener
  2. Measuring Cups & Spoons
  3. Measuring Scale
  4. Whisk & Spatulas

Natural Healing Equipment:


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