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Thanks for finding this nook of the web – “Naturally Ripped Gourmet“. For those who don’t know me, my name is Jody Whitesides. What’s the concept here? Well, first I’m a musician by trade. However, I like to explore the world around me and in the process I really dig keeping fit and eating healthy.

In 2011 I got into the P90X workout and got great results. I liked it so much I decided to join Team Beachbody to become a coach to friends. Now I’m taking that a step further and helping others as well. It’s a great feeling to be able to help change someone’s life for the better through health.

I’ve always been active. Since I was relatively thin and I did a lot of active things, I thought I was in shape. The life of a full time musician is not exactly all party, fun and games as many people would love to believe. Actually it’s nearly a 24/7/365 affair with constant writing, performing, and producing. Which often doesn’t leave a ton of time for everything else. Like I mentioned, I thought I was in shape.

I’d workout with weights and do a few situps 3 times a week, plus run upwards of 10 miles in between. P90X has been getting a lot of promotion around Los Angeles and I always thought – yeah right, as if that really works. However, after seeing what P90X did for a couple of my friends I felt I had to take a look into it. Usually that’s what it takes, seeing the results through someone you know. I got the P90X program, picked up the needed items and started it up.

Even though I’m relatively thin, a transformation happened. I ended up dropping about 15 lbs. Within weeks several friends were commenting that I appeared taller. Each of them said the same thing: “You never slouched, but you look taller.” At 6’4″ that’s already tall, and for them to say that – and notice is rather amazing. In the 90 day time frame I got into better shape than I think I’ve ever been in – even when I was a nationally ranked freestyle skier and BMX racer. To think I can enjoy working out and getting results in a short period of time plus have people notice the change that I wasn’t seeing myself? That’s awesome.

The great side effect of being in better shape: I’m singing better. Not something I would have immediately thought would be a result of exercise. I also have more energy to push myself – a nice benefit. Since I’ve enjoyed it so much I’m now a member of Team Beachbody and I’m happy to help coach others. If you’d like to me to be your coach click here. If you’re interested in becoming a coach contact me and we’ll setup a call to get you started.

The story continues:

Early on in life I was left to fend for myself in the kitchen. Which led me to learning to cook really great meals that usually don’t take a lot of time. In conjunction with that process, over the years I learned to really enjoy knowing what I’m putting in the food I make and where I’m getting it from. I’ll say that I believe in quality ingredients that don’t have GMO or artificial origins.

What ended up happening with the cooking? Well, I started posting pictures of the food I was making on Facebook. Suddenly friends were telling me how I inspire them to want to eat better. Others were saying I inspire them to want to cook more. And still others were clamoring to be invited to have dinner with me, to enjoy the creations I was making.

Some of the ideas being thrown about by friends were: You need to create a cookbook, or you need you’re own TV cook show. Needless to say, it’s a little flattering when so many friends are telling you that they get such pleasure from what you do and that it should be shared.

Where’s the natural:

Top all of this off with a mindset that we need to take our health and healing into our own hands. I’m one of those people that strongly believes there are great methods to being healthy that go beyond the concept of popping a pill to alleviate a symptom. Why not root out the cause in the first place?

There are numerous documentaries, studies, anecdotes that all point to eating well, and exercise as a means to avoiding many of the common maladies we face. Beyond that there are other means we can put to use to help keep our bodies in tip top shape. This is where the natural comes in.

I’ve got a great friend who has made it her life’s passion to help heal others. I’m fascinated by how it all works and it does work. Which leads me to want to pass this along to others and help them do things to help take their health into their own hands. No one knows your body better than you do, so why let someone else tell you what you can do with it?

All of this lead me to create this site. Enjoy!

Jody Whitesides

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