Join The NRG Team

Joining Team NRG (Making me your coach):

I’ve had a tremendous amount of success using the P90X program and the Beachbody products. So have my friends. Part of my healthier lifestyle choice is being a Beachbody coach and helping others to achieve great results.

Jody (me): I made it through the program in early 2011 and became a Beachbody coach in August of 2011. I’ve helped friends looking to tone up and lose weight. If you’d like me to be your coach Click here.

** Note ** If you already have a Team Beachbody account, you have likely been assigned a coach already. If you want me to be your coach, you will need to make a coach switch.

To make a coach switch, you simply have to send a one line email to and tell them that you want me to be your coach:

(Jody Whitesides, Coach ID #113085 at: beachbody at jodywhitesides dot com)


Joining Team NRG Coaches (Become a Beachbody Coach):

Team NRG is working on becoming one of the top teams of Beachbody Coaches in the country! We are a team of passionate hard workers, and integrity. Currently looking for others who fit that mold. We have an excellent network, designed to give you all the tools you will need to become successful in this business. If you are passionate about helping others and recommending these products, our team is the perfect fit for you.

If you’re ready to become a Beachbody Coach and DO NOT currently have a Beachbody account, Click here to get signed up!

If you do currently have a Beachbody account or have any questions, email me at: beachbody at jodywhitesides dot com.