X2 Yoga

One of the tougher P90X workouts was always the Yoga X. Mostly due to the amount of time it took and some of the moves. Hard stuff for someone that is beginning the yoga journey. Crane was one I attempted, still can’t really get off my toes without landing on my head (something I’m not keen on doing). X2 Yoga is tougher in a couple of ways, but way more fun in others. Plus as a workout it’s barely over an hour.

So much better!

I much prefer the X2 Yoga over the P90X version. I wasn’t feeling as beginnerish. Add to that the fact that the moves are generally easier on the body and more opening. There’s still crane in there, and in there twice, but this time I’m not as concerned that I’m still not getting quite off my toes. The moves don’t feel as rushed and there’s a better flow to it.

Love it.

Breakfast today will be a homemade quinoa cereal with fruit. Yum.

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