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The Palm In Yoga

This morning’s workout was all about the stretch, relax and do those strange poses. One thing I’m starting to dig about the whole Yoga concept is that I’m finally getting to a point where I can bend over. Not that I couldn’t before, however, for me right now it’s all about the palm in yoga. Meaning I want to be able to palm the floor.

When beginning the X2 journey I couldn’t really do much more than get my fingers to the floor. Easy enough. But getting the palms down there too, yikes that was tough. I imagine that it’s a combination of the yoga and the foam rolling. I’d bet that the foam rolling is helping more than I can tell.

Another noticeable thing today was more sweat. Yup, since I was pushing moves further I was sweating more. Another accomplishment is my longest crane hold yet. A tough move for balance and somehow I was able to finally hold it about 1/2 of the time length Tony calls out for. That’s improvement.

There’s three more workouts left in this journey then it’s on to the next Challenge! I’m excited, I’m seeing results. I’m in better shape than ever. I really think the next round will push me over the edge when I get it completed. Get in shape with me! You’ll be glad you did. Pretty soon you’ll be happy about the palm in yoga too.

Ah Yoga X2

Today was week two of phase two and with it came yoga. Sometimes I really enjoy it. Sometimes not so much. I’m here to say that today I enjoyed it. So ah yoga X2. Made me feel good.

I was a little stiff to start, but after the first 15 minutes or so I was really opening up. That’s kind of a first for me. I usually don’t open up if I’m stiff going in at the start. I see that as a plus for me.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, yoga X2 is nice in that it’s barely an hour. That makes it more doable compared to the yoga in P90X. Thank you Beachbody. I’m off to a great start today and I believe it has to do with that workout.

Ah yoga X2, I did it. How about you?

GDC Yoga

Waking up this morning was not as exciting as I like it to be. I’m in a different town and for some reason the amount of traveling I’m doing is catching up. I was a little sluggish this morning. I pushed myself to do what I call GDC yoga. I say that because I’m attending the GDC and I need a pick me up to get me moving today.

Fortunately yoga doesn’t require much in the way of things. Which is why it was good to get to today. Got my blood moving. I noticed there were some movements where I had better extension. That’s a good thing. Additionally I had a moment in Crane where I had the move right where it should be. A personal best for me with the length of Crane I held in balance. I’m finally starting to get it right and that’s satisfying.

Time for breakfast and a whole lot of walking, greeting and talking. It’s Geek Game Time. Plus networking with developers to push for music work.

X2 Yoga Ending Week Four

Today marks the last time through Yoga X2 for the recovery week of Phase one. I’m really beginning to see body changes in this first third of P90X2. That’s truly remarkable. I’m happy to see these changes occur. Have to put a thank you out to Tony, Carl and all the Beachbody peeps that brought this program to life. In a way it’s sad to see X2 yoga ending week four, but I’m really looking forward to phase two.

Stay tuned. The Journey continues.

X2 Yoga Bear

Ah. Day two of the recovery week. I’m feeling like a yogi. Or maybe an X2 yoga bear. It’s all good. Though I’m wondering if I ought to cut the week short and jump into phase two.

Maybe I’m just antsy to move into working out. Not that yoga isn’t a bit of work. It is. But a week of it might be a bit much of it for me. Jury is still out on that.

Meantime I need to think about replenishing my shakeology reserves. Love that stuff.

X2 Yoga Mah Brutha

Week three of the journey is coming to an end. Two more days then it’s a “recovery” week. Today it was X2 yoga mah brutha. A little play on a Tonyism from P90X.

What did I notice today? Some of my stretches, or as yoga peeps would say – poses, are getting a bit farther and stronger. I did have a couple of toe taps in the twisting half moon poses. Though I have to think this only due to the length of time Tony has us holding those moves.

I’m getting better with the “belly” moves now too. My core must be getting a whole lot stronger and that’s a plus.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout to end the week.

Where are you at with your X2 journey? Are you enjoying the X2 yoga mah brutha?

X2 Yoga Push

Aw yeah, today was the next step in the journey. It was an X2 Yoga push kinda day. As I mentioned last week, I feel like X2 is a much more doable routine for yoga. However, there are a couple of spots where it’s still a tad tough.┬áThe biggest issue is the speed of some of the moves. There was a more relaxed pace in the original yoga from P90X.

The toughest move so far has to be the extended warrior 3 section. Standing and balancing on one leg while keeping form is not a piece of cake. No, it’s pretty darn tough. Add to that, the amount of time standing in that position, or at least staying on that leg and oof – it’s a burner.

I was able to keep up much better this time. Nearly got into a full Crane as well. Had moments of it being only on my hands and some with only a single toe. That’s improvement to me.

Following it up with a kickin breakfast. Then I have to decide if I’ll be making a few turns on the hill or diggin deep into music making. Maybe I can slide both in…

X2 Yoga

One of the tougher P90X workouts was always the Yoga X. Mostly due to the amount of time it took and some of the moves. Hard stuff for someone that is beginning the yoga journey. Crane was one I attempted, still can’t really get off my toes without landing on my head (something I’m not keen on doing). X2 Yoga is tougher in a couple of ways, but way more fun in others. Plus as a workout it’s barely over an hour.

So much better!

I much prefer the X2 Yoga over the P90X version. I wasn’t feeling as beginnerish. Add to that the fact that the moves are generally easier on the body and more opening. There’s still crane in there, and in there twice, but this time I’m not as concerned that I’m still not getting quite off my toes. The moves don’t feel as rushed and there’s a better flow to it.

Love it.

Breakfast today will be a homemade quinoa cereal with fruit. Yum.

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