X2 Yoga Push

Aw yeah, today was the next step in the journey. It was an X2 Yoga push kinda day. As I mentioned last week, I feel like X2 is a much more doable routine for yoga. However, there are a couple of spots where it’s still a tad tough.┬áThe biggest issue is the speed of some of the moves. There was a more relaxed pace in the original yoga from P90X.

The toughest move so far has to be the extended warrior 3 section. Standing and balancing on one leg while keeping form is not a piece of cake. No, it’s pretty darn tough. Add to that, the amount of time standing in that position, or at least staying on that leg and oof – it’s a burner.

I was able to keep up much better this time. Nearly got into a full Crane as well. Had moments of it being only on my hands and some with only a single toe. That’s improvement to me.

Following it up with a kickin breakfast. Then I have to decide if I’ll be making a few turns on the hill or diggin deep into music making. Maybe I can slide both in…

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