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The Challenge week 2

Today’s workout was my 2nd time thru The Challenge for this 90 days.

My first week had me taking things semi-easy. This week I came out of the gate picking numbers that were a tad too large. I figured I could do 10 pull-ups throughout the whole workout. ┬áSomething that I’ve never been able to do. I suck hard at pull-ups. I think its having rather long arms.

I got a little overzealous with the order of 10. I think I’ll set my number at 7 next week.

A Tough Cardio Day

I’m not a super fan of cardio only workouts and today was a tough cardio day.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m still recovering from a slight case of bronchitis. This makes the idea of running and jumping around a bit more of a chore. Especially with a workout that requires a lot more oxygen right?

My energy level was fairly decent. Which is a plus when I consider the fact I didn’t get near the sleep I wanted to last night (5 hours is about 2 hours short of my normal amount).

As they say – keep pushing and you will make it through!

Back in the P90X3 Saddle

I’m back in the P90X3 saddle. As a person who has probably stumbled on this blog by accident, you would have no idea that I’ve neglected to keep blogging on my workout regimens. Mostly due to a dropping out of the Beachbody Coaching thing. I didn’t feel like I was meant to be a coach.

I Quit Not Exactly

That being typed, it doesn’t mean I stopped doing the workouts that I’ve already collected. Much to the contrary. I’ve been doing them nearly non-stop.

For the past two years thru the winter I actually switched from doing daily workouts to putting in more days of skiing instead. A much more cardio intense workout, especially when you’re pushing for getting in laps and skiing hard.

After the ski season ended this year, I took two weeks off to let my body get some much needed rest. Then last week I fired up a new 90 day run of P90X3. There’s not much to recap from last week.

New 90 Days

Today is the starting mark of my 2nd week in on doing P90X3 Mass.

The workout on the books was Total Synergistics. One thing I’ve picked up on doing this time around is to use an assisted means of doing more reps with pull-ups and chin-ups. If there’s one aspect to my lanky frame that sucks, its pull-ups. I really think that the down fall of being tall is pull-ups. Maybe there are other tall guys that can do pull-ups with ease, I’m not one of them.

Usually I can knock out about 5 pull-ups before I start seeing a serious downgrade in how far I can get my head above the bar. Instead of crapping out at 5, I’ve decided that I’d add a means to do more reps, even if I have to get a little help. The LTG is to be able to eventually get to 10 or more reps without assistance. Because doing 5 unassisted isn’t getting me further down the road.

Overall the workout went extremely well today, considering the fact that I’ve been under the weather with a sore throat and coughing up bright green gunk from my lungs. TMI?

Morning Meal

After topping off with another full glass of water post workout, I whipped up a breakfast of organic waffles. I grind my own organic wheat berries as needed for a meal. Fresh flour. Along with fresh eggs, a side of bacon (no nitrates, nitrites). Plus some fresh juiced Apple Juice. I’m ready to kick out my day and get to some music making.

What was your routine today?

Jumping In With Plyocide

Today I’m jumping in with plyocide. Based on past memories, I know that when I’m getting into the swing of things it’s best to treat plyocide with some respect.

Exactly what I did today. I got into the motions and kept my pace as best I could. I didn’t over exert myself. Though I did find a couple of spots where I did need to pause the video and catch my breath.

Not so bad. Sweaty. Solid. Workout.

On to Yoga tomorrow.

Are you jumping in with plyocide yet?

Phasing Back Up With P90X2

I had to take some time off for the past few weeks. I’m now phasing back up with P90X2. While I thought I’d hit my ultimate goal with my belly, there were a couple of issues cropping up.

Issue one. I started to burn out a little bit.

Issue two. I got ill with a damn summer cold that turned into a sinus infection. Ick.

Issue three. I ran in the 10k Dirty Dash race. I was running in the mountains, over obstacles and through mud pits. Along the way, I destroyed a pair of shoes and some how managed to injure my knee. Which meant – I needed to let my knee recover.

Happiness is – I’m back at it. Sadness is, I figured I’d still be right where I left off. However, after a super strong start where I did more reps, I petered off and ended up getting less reps in moves towards the end. My arms really need to be kept up on to retain strength.

The Abs have retained their strength as the ab ripper portion of the workout was A Ok. Makes me think I need to step up the Ab portion and do more reps in each more or something. Cause in my phasing back up with P90X2, I still intend on reaching that flat belly. I’m still very close to my goal!

Plyocide Can Mean Plyopuke

I woke up a bit tired. Nothing new, however I pushed on with the workout. I got through it without issue. I did find out that Plyocide can mean Plyopuke. Which is what happened about 30 minutes after the workout.

I was rocking it all the way through. Keepin up. No pauses. Even added an extra rep here and there. Felt strong despite how much I was sweating. Great workout.

It wasn’t until after I had showered and got dressed to eat breakfast that I suddenly felt uneasy. Like intuition or something. I made my way to praying to the porcelain god. Ick. Once I did that I felt right as rain again.

That means I made a great breakfast and had a shakeology. Booyah. From there it was a mellow day of music writing and mixing. So remember that plyocide can mean Plyopuke. It’s still a great workout regardless.

Chest Back And Balance Oh My

Another week in phase two has begun. The quest for the flattening belly is nearing completion, but there is work to be done. For today it was chest back and balance oh my. Oh and I mustn’t forget abs too.

I felt better about today’s workout than I did after doing it a week ago. I did get more reps this time around. That’s a good thing. But I did find that my arms were starting to give out at points in the workout. A little concerning. I didn’t bonk.

It was the pull-ups especially wide arm ones where I had the most trouble. As the workout progressed I had to start modifying them. I know it’s because I’ve been pushing myself hard last week with the arm workouts. I’m likely still catching up to the efforts I’ve given them and they want rest.

The ab portion is starting to get a bit easier than it should. My solution is adding additional reps. Which I started today. Hopefully this will accelerate my goal. Not sure I’ll hit it by the end of the week, but I’m making the effort.

I’m off to have my breaky and a Shakeology. Let me know when you’re hitting up the phase two workout that makes you say chest back and balance oh my. If you’re not working out, it’s time to join me! Take a fitness challenge!

Base Back And Abs Mastered

Missed yesterday’s Yoga workout due to feeling a bit nauseated. Not a great idea to be pushing fitness when you’re feeling like it’s time to hurl. Oh well. Today on the other hand found me feeling much better. So much so that I feel like I have base back and abs mastered.

At least mostly mastered. Unlike the other workouts in this phase two, I was doing more reps all the way through. If I didn’t do more, I was at least matching my last time through.

This means more pull-ups and chin-ups. Higher weights on the plyo lunge press. Push, push, push. I got through it without pausing. Major bonus.

Following the ab portion I kinda felt warm in the midriff. Can’t say that I recall that feeling before. The nice thing is, in this week, I’ve seen yet another change in the lowest portion of my belly 6. Meaning, I can see it flattening out. I’m hoping it will only take another week. Pictures will following when the goal is hit.

Once that goal is reached, then it becomes more about maintenance for me. I’m not looking to be super bulky or over done muscly. I prefer cut over size and endurance over short bursts. It’s been an amazing year and a half journey to reach this summit. Very exciting.

Now that I’ve got my base back and abs mastered, it’s time for a fun breakfast, a Shakeology and a moment in the studio for recording. Get yourself in shape. Join me for a fitness challenge and start your journey to being in better shape. You’ll be happy you did.

Pushing Shoulders Arms And Abs Hard

One thing that I’m sure no one likes doing is waking up sore. Especially when you didn’t sleep well. That’s my case for last night and this morning. Only six hours of sleep and woke up sore in the calves. Despite that, I began my day by pushing shoulders arms and abs hard. Better than I did it last time through phase two.

That’s were getting over the mental hump is key. You have to know when it’s just soreness and not injury. If it’s just soreness, it’s a matter of getting the movement going. Cause once it goes, it’s all good.

For me this time through I was able to increase weight and maintain reps. That’s a big step forward. The better thing was, I felt great after getting done. Super bonus is, I’m not feeling sore anymore after the workout. I may think different tomorrow, but I’ll enjoy it today.

Time to throw down a three egg shrimp and veggie omelet for breakfast, sided with a Shakeology. My treat for kicking a serious workout of pushing shoulders arms and abs hard. What are you doing for yourself as a workout today?