My Power Is Balanced

Had an impromptu day off yesterday. Friend I hadn’t seen in quite some time came into town. Didn’t have time to get to the workout yesterday. Thus I’ll be putting two body workouts back to back in two days. Despite that I’ll say that my power is balanced today.

I’m still seeing improvements in my reps and weight. I increased both in several moves. In fact there were only a few moves were I tied myself. The hardest move so far in Balance and Power is the Decline Sphinx Plank Press. I did only 1 last week. I wrote down only 1 this week due to the 2nd one being so horrible in form. Damn hard stuff right there.

The rest of the workout went smooth. Kicked ass so to speak. I felt strong and pushed it hard. I believe that based on that I will see some amazing results this time. Beyond my goal of a flat belly.

Normally tomorrow would be a day off in the program, but since I did that yesterday, I’ll be moving into week three with X2 Core. Hopefully I’ll still be feeling strong. At least today my power is balanced.

Getting into shape rocks. I’m starting another fitness challenge in a couple of weeks. Will you join?

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