Getting Back Into The P90X2 Saddle

It really isn’t that long of a stretch of time when I finished P90X2 about two and a half weeks ago. In a way it feels like an eternity. In another way, it doesn’t. Initially I felt unmotivated on a lot of things knowing I was fully completed. However, that little break has ended. Today marks the return. I’m getting back into the P90X2 saddle today.

Not sure what it is about starting something new, but there’s always a kink or two to work out. This morning was no exception. I got started with the warmup and was getting familiar with the first phase moves in X2 Core again. I got about 90% of the way into the workout when all of a sudden, the power went off.

Apparently in another area of town there was a car accident that killed power to where I’m at. Thus I ended up not completing a couple of the moves. Bummer. Despite that, it was still a good start. I did better in most of the moves. Except for Plank Stability Ball Pushup, or at least I think that’s the name. See last time through I didn’t have a big stability ball, so I did the modifications which were easy. This time around I have a big stability ball to use and found that I could only manage three reps of the move. Yikes! Hard!

I finished early by no fault of mine. Did so with a grand sweat going. I feel good. I’m ready to tackle tomorrow and move on. Where are you at with your workouts? Are you ready to be getting back into the P90X2 saddle? Are you interested in changing your life? Next Fitness Challenge group starts in two weeks and I have a couple of spots left – join us!

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