The P90X2 Journey Begins

This morning marks my 3rd time going through a BeachBody workout regimen. This time around it’s the new program. I took some pictures and measurements before the start of the workout this morning. Thus the P90X2 journey begins for me today.

I got started feeling brilliant. By halfway through I was really beginning to feel it. The hard part about the X2 Core workout is the “form”. The idea in X2 is to make sure the form is good. Considering the balance of the exercises, I can really understand why.

At the end of the workout, I was sweating and thinking to myself, really?!? The moves don’t seem that hard, but they’re deceiving. They are hard, especially with the number of reps. While I could keep up through most of the moves, towards the end I found that I was starting to bonk. I’m sure once I get into this full swing – it’ll be rockin.

Have you got a resolution to get in shape? Join me in the P90X2 journey, begin to make the change.

Need a coach? I’m here to help.

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