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X2 Total Body + Abs

Ah the whole body. That’s the workout for today. Going in, I figured it would be more like a P90X routine. While there’s some similar moves, again, this X2 workout is way more deceptive. The moves don’t seem as hard until you get into it.

It could be that I’m pacing myself a little more to start. See where I am each time the first time through. Yet even in the pacing, I’m finding that when I finish I’m still feeling it pretty good.

Woof, is the ending result. Bushed.

Recovery + Mobility Or Rest

Wow. I’m waking up this morning after going to sleep last night thinking, it’s not so bad. I wasn’t feeling it last night. However this morning, I’m feeling muscles that I haven’t felt before. Obviously this means that the P90X2 regimen, even after two days, is working me like I’ve never been worked before.

I can understand why they’re giving a day off after two workouts. I’m feeling it a little more than I thought. Not that I wouldn’t be able to do a workout today, but I’m kinda glad there isn’t one.

See ya tomorrow for the next workout. Looking forward to it!

Plyocide Day Two

Let me start by saying yesterday’s adventure was awesome. Getting back into the swing after taking a month off from working out. It was a good start. Today was Plyocide. The first thing I’m noticing is that P90X2 appears to have much longer intros to warming up. Foam rollers seem to be the long part and the most strange.

Getting into Plyocide was much like the regular Plyo from P90X. However, instead of repeating everything, each part is a little longer in time and little more intense. By halfway through the workout I was getting pretty wiped out. Nearing the end, I found out exactly what Recovery Drink ends up tasting like when it comes back out.

That’s right. I ended up hurling. X2 is deceptive. It appears to be easy, but man oh man. It sneaks up on you about half way, by the end you’re dripping in sweat and wondering what just happened. I had to hit pause a couple of times to catch my breath. Can’t wait to get this all the way through without a pause. Give it a couple of weeks.

On to tomorrow which is a rest day.

The P90X2 Journey Begins

This morning marks my 3rd time going through a BeachBody workout regimen. This time around it’s the new program. I took some pictures and measurements before the start of the workout this morning. Thus the P90X2 journey begins for me today.

I got started feeling brilliant. By halfway through I was really beginning to feel it. The hard part about the X2 Core workout is the “form”. The idea in X2 is to make sure the form is good. Considering the balance of the exercises, I can really understand why.

At the end of the workout, I was sweating and thinking to myself, really?!? The moves don’t seem that hard, but they’re deceiving. They are hard, especially with the number of reps. While I could keep up through most of the moves, towards the end I found that I was starting to bonk. I’m sure once I get into this full swing – it’ll be rockin.

Have you got a resolution to get in shape? Join me in the P90X2 journey, begin to make the change.

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