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Foam Rolling Pleasure

Ah a rest day. Getting back into phase two of P90X2 has been a trip so far. I‘ve never been so sore after a couple of workouts. Which means I’m making good with some foam rolling pleasure. Very needed.

Not sure exactly why I’m feeling so used. So sore. It’s odd. Maybe it’s because I pushed myself pretty good so far. My calfs, my triceps, my lats. All sore.

Happiness is the Recover and Mobility DVD.

I particularly enjoyed the part where I got to sit on the foam roller. Work out some of those kinks. The beauty is, I’m feeling a lot better after the rolling.

So if you’re doing P90X2 and you’re not going through the Recovery and Mobility DVD, why not? When you get some foam rolling pleasure it doesn’t make sense to skip it. Not I’m off to get some Shakeology and make some music.

Two Weeks Of Rest

It’s a little weird this morning to not get up and immediately be thinking, time to workout. I know my body needs a little time off and thus I’m taking two weeks of rest. I’m starting back up on the May 14th.

I’m gathering people who are interested in doing a 90 day fitness challenge. Nothing helps you more than having a little core group of people where you can share your experience, be held responsible for letting people know you worked out and have support when you’re in need of answers.

May 14th is the start of my next fitness challenge. Join me and a select group of people to get into better shape, lose weight, and have a great time! Contact me to join up asap.

Recovery + Mobility Or Rest

Wow. I’m waking up this morning after going to sleep last night thinking, it’s not so bad. I wasn’t feeling it last night. However this morning, I’m feeling muscles that I haven’t felt before. Obviously this means that the P90X2 regimen, even after two days, is working me like I’ve never been worked before.

I can understand why they’re giving a day off after two workouts. I’m feeling it a little more than I thought. Not that I wouldn’t be able to do a workout today, but I’m kinda glad there isn’t one.

See ya tomorrow for the next workout. Looking forward to it!