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X2 Total Body Plus Ab Ripper Week 3

X it, x it, x it, but not exit. Nope, it’s midway through week 3 of the X2 journey. Today marked the 3rd time through the X2 Total Body plus Ab Ripper workout. This time around I increased the weight in all the weighted exercises.

Overall it was an improvement. There was only one move where I did not match last week’s numbers. The Crunch Lever Pull-up thing. I was 1 less in both rounds on that one. Otherwise all other numbers increased and the weight was upped as well.

The bonus is, I’m feeling stronger and my balance is getting even better. I also notice that I’m standing taller. I never noticed it before though others have said it. Now I’m noticing it. Very strange.

The other night I got to see Stars On Ice. During intermission I decided to go get a snack. Being that I had on the ice seats, I wanted to sprint the stairs up the arena to the snack area. Easily done, not winded. Awesome.

The Ab Ripper part is still a little tough, new moves that are a tad harder. Otherwise, I can tell there’s an increase in core strength too.

Off to have an awesome breakfast and nourish the body. How did your X2 Total Body plus Ab Ripper week 3 go? Are you there yet? Have you been there?

X2 Total Body Plus Ab Ripper Part Deux

Ah thanks for yesterday and a day of X2 Skiing. Not part of the program, but a fun day nonetheless. Today marks the next step in the P90X2 journey. The second round of the X2 Total Body plu Ab Ripper workout.

Unlike last week, this week I had the full time to do it. This is the longest workout. Roughly over an hour and 15 minutes. I pushed it a little harder this week. Then found myself starting to bonk a little in the 2nd half of the repeats.

The main workout was awesome. Better than the first week. The Ab Ripper on the other hand. Holy Cow! This ain’t your grandpappy’s P90X Ab Ripper routine. I had a hard time keeping up on this one. Some of these moves are much harder to work the form. Which is the important part of my journey this time. Meaning that I wasn’t able to keep up. Especially with the Phelon Twist. Yikes!

Now that I’m through it, I’m going to give myself a brunch treat of homemade organic waffles. Add a little quinoa flour in those puppies for some extra protein.

Catch ya tomorrow with my post X2 Total Body plus Ab Ripper workout, the X2 Yoga!