Getting Back To PAP Upper

Here’s a personal pet peeve of mine. People that go out in public sick. How important do you think you are that you need to go around infecting other people with your problem? I’m now getting back on track after a week of being laid out due to Strep throat. Put me in bed for a few days, came on real quick too. Today I was finally feeling human enough to be getting back to PAP Upper.

While I wasn’t able to really push the workout hard, it did feel real good to be working out again. I did what I could after being out ill for a week. The hardest move in PAP Upper today was the renegade row. I only got about half the reps. Under the circumstances, I can’t complain.

I’m hoping in the next 10 days I’ll get completely back on my game as that will be then of my 90 day journey with my first round of P90X2. At which point I’ll be starting my next fitness challenge. Who among you would like to join me in the fitness challenge? Contact me and we’ll make it happen!

I feel better for having tackled a workout. Even if it was the hardest of all the P90X2 workouts. Gotta pick up where I left off and that was getting back to PAP Upper.

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