A Day Of Rest

On the 7th day there was rest. Today is a day of rest for my first week of Phase 3 in the P90X2 Journey. I’m really diggin that. Mostly due to the fact that I found that PAP Upper is damn hard.

Another thing that has cropped up is a fitness challenge. My upline coach at Beachbody has put it to me that on the 30th of this month I’m going to be a part of a fitness challenge. So I’m joining in. In addition to that I’m putting out to people I know that I’m putting a fitness challenge together on the same day as well.

That’s right, I’m pushing to get you and others that I know to get into better shape and health. Are YOU interested in getting into better shape? Are YOU interested in being healthier? Then a 90 day fitness challenge is what you need! Contact me and join up. The cool thing is, you can win prizes for participating!

Get in shape and have a shot at winning something cool too? What can be better?!?

Though it’s a day of rest, I’m thinking ahead to my next round of getting into better shape and I want you to be a part of that fun. I’ll push you, you push me, we’ll all win!

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