Recovery And Mobility And Foam Rolling

My oh my. I can’t believe how tight I got in the two weeks I took off from working out. It’s kinda bizarre. The good thing is, I have recovery and mobility and foam rolling to get me back into a state of being more flexible.

Normally I’m very flexible. Yet, maybe I’m comparing my “new” tightness to my more recently more flexible self. I was so close to palming the floor at the end of my first journey through P90X2. Today I was back to only getting to my fingers slightly down on the floor. Bummer.

I believe within a week or two though, I’ll be back and also be able to reach a goal of being able to palm the floor in a forward bend. Not and easy task for a tall guy like me. It will happen. I know it.

Things that were noticeably tight in foam rolling today: My right calf, my left shin, my right bicep, my left forearm, my right IT band, my left inner thigh. Very odd that it was like opposites. After the foam rolling though, I’m feeling loser and that’s a good thing. That’s why I’m happy to have recovery and mobility and foam rolling inside the P90X2 journey.

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