Base Back And Abs


That’s the word to start this off. I didn’t really get into Base Back and Abs while on the road last week. Somehow this week I accidentally forgot to do it. I’m still scratching my head on that. Cause I knew I was supposed to begin a new week but wondered how I was a day early. Then it dawned on me that I hadn’t done the workout. So oops.

I did actually managed to do a little of it last week. But I didn’t have access to bands or a pullup bar. Thus it was only the plyo part and I didn’t have the full time to do the whole workout. This week was mucho differenté. [I made that last part up].

This is a wild workout. I’m happy that it’s got 30 breaks between most of the moves. It’s definitely needed once you’re doing the whole thing. I made sure that I didn’t do any “cheating” on the pullups. Damn hard.

Anyway, time to get on to the rest of my day. I’m happy I finally got through base back and abs. Ready to start the next week tomorrow. No rest day.

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