Base Back And Ab Ripper

What a trip. GDC is pretty damn wild. It’s like NAMM on steriods for tech. Lots of stuff to see. Amazing tech going on in games and in movement tracking. I could only imagine what it could do for P90X, P90X2 and other Beachbody workouts. Especially if you were looking to perfect your movement. I saw a device yesterday that watches you in real time and can tell where you are in 3D with a single camera. Great for sports related type things. Which is something I see in the back back and ab ripper workout.

There’s a pull maneuver called Kip Chip Up. The idea is to keep the legs completely still while doing chin ups. I have a hard enough time doing them as is. To keep the legs still doesn’t make it easier. Damn them.

Intertwined each pullup move with some plyo movements. It’s like two workouts in one. Wow. It moves right along.

I like it.

Ab Ripper is steadily getting better.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout. The next step in the X2 journey.

Where are you in your workout journey? Join me!

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