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Phase One Ends With Recovery And Mobility

Today is the end of week 3. That’s right I’ve now been on this journey for a full three weeks (plus a couple of days for skiing, but who’s counting right?) Anyway, I’m happy that phase one ends with recovery and mobility. It’s a great thing to stretch, roll out and give the body a little bit of a break.

I’m looking forward to the “week off” or rather what I’d call the transition week before I hit phase two of the P90X2 tour.

How’s your workout life coming? Are you hitting goals? Do tell.

X2 Recovery And Mobility

Just a quick note to say that I really got into the X2 Recovery and Mobility DVD today. I’ve decided that it really does offer a really great down day to the workout schedule. Certainly need to spend a bit more time on the foam roller. It’s so choice to push out the kinks.

Fortunately I’m not finding ton. But I have found that my right shoulder and lat is the most needed area of rolling. Another discovery I had during this is that the mobility of my right shoulder is improving. Despite an old injury that prevents certain movements that cause strange pinching pains internally, they’re starting to go away.

Starting week three of the first phase tomorrow. One more week of workouts then the change over week before hitting phase two. So Awesome! Looking forward to the next X2 recovery and mobility session.

X2 Recovery + Mobility

Ah the 2nd day off so to speak in the week. Actually it’s a day of stretching out and increasing your range of motion. Something that I’m in need of doing in certain areas of my body. There is one area though where I’m more likely to need some surgery to correct an issue and that’s in my right shoulder. Hopefully X2 Recovery + Mobility will help alleviate that issue.

A ski injury from a few years back that likely went unnoticed. Though occasionally I will find that certain movements of my right arm will induce either weakness or pain in my right shoulder. There is an aspect to the X2 warmups that is exposing a very odd feeling in my right shoulder. I’m betting it’s scar tissue inside the rotator cup from something torn that is limiting the movement.

Either way, another day down and the first week has been put to rest. Looking forward to week two. Where are you?